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Alan Wake 2 Review

Alan Wake 2 Review

If you are got tired of regular horror games and looking for a game that will give you the experience of psychological fear, you should consider playing Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake 2 is a horror-themed detective game developed by Remedy Entertainment and released on November 27, 2023. Your objective in the game is to solve mysteries and survive to advance the story. If you're wondering what the game promises, read on!

  • It offers an original story
  • It has two different characters and different gameplay mechanics
  • Detailed and realistic graphics
  • Sound Design and music
  • Enemy variety
  • Tension decreases since you have a lot of bullets

Two Characters, Two Gameplay

Alan Wake 2 is an investigation and detective game in which you experience the stories of two different characters, Saga Anderson, and Alan Wake. In Saga Anderson's gameplay sequences, you must fight enemies in the wilderness and solve mysteries in real life. In other words, Saga Anderson is the character with whom you manage the reality side of the game. With Saga Anderson, you need to kill different enemies in various areas, from forests to buildings. These sequences of the game will remind you of the Resident Evil 4 experience.

In the Alan Wake sequences, you have to survive and solve puzzles in a supernatural world known as the Dark Place. The Alan Wake sequences are more tense, both psychologically and in terms of gameplay, compared to Saga. The main reason for this is the design and surprise elements of the world called Dark Place. In a Dark Place, nothing may be as it seems, and you may quickly lose your way. These sequences of the game offer a Silent Hill experience. The only thing missing is the Pyramid Head.

Alan Wake 2
Alan Wake 2

While exploring in the dark place with Alan Wake, you need to pay attention to shadow shapes. These shapes are people captured by the shadow world and pulled into the void. While you can banish some of them with just the light of your flashlight, you may have to fight with others for minutes. You have only one way to discern which of these shadows is harmless and which is offensive; approach them. Although all shadows look the same from afar, some will reveal themselves and attack you when you get close. You don't need to loot as Alan Wake 2 generously gives players ammo. For this reason, you can prefer to proceed stealthily instead of killing every shadow you encounter.

Unique Gameplay Mechanics

Alan Wake 2 offers two different characters and two unique gameplay mechanics. The first of these mechanics is the mind room that the Saga Anderson character can enter. In this room, Saga Anderson can match the evidence and clues she finds on the board to discover the connection between them. Since Alan Wake is a writer, he has the ability to change the scenario. With Alan Wake, you can change the scenarios, edit the maps of each region, and discover new passages, doors, or alternative paths.

Alan wake 2 review


Even though I care more about gameplay mechanics than graphics in games, Alan Wake 2 managed to impress me with its graphic design. Alan Wake 2 is a high-quality work of art, both in terms of graphics and animation. Primarily, the characters have impeccable design, showcasing intricate details in their facial features and expressions.

Alan Wake 2 has an engaging and realistic atmosphere for both the real world and the dark world written by Alan Wake. We are sure that you will be impressed by the design of the world, the horror and tension elements, and the locations you discovered in the Alan Wake sequences.

Is Alan Wake 2 Worth Playing?

If you are tired of ordinary jumpscare-filled horror games and are looking for a game with original gameplay mechanics and story, Alan Wake 2 is designed for you. 

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