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AI Dungeon Review

AI Dungeon Review

This game is a text-based, AI-powered RPG, unlike anything you've ever seen. You can create stories, interact with real characters, and escape to other universes, where you can direct the action and almost anything is possible.

We were familiar with AI Dungeon with its free-to-play mobile and web versions but they were limited in terms of action. The brand-new Steam-only version allows you to play for hours without worrying about energy limitations with unlimited AI. 

  • Endless options and endings
  • Fun way to kill time
  • Pushes the limits of your creativity
  • Not significantly different tan mobile/web versions
  • No graphics, just text
  • AI keeps forgetting some details in the story

How to Play AI Dungeon?

Select a character, a place, and a story. The AI will provide all the details necessary for your own adventure. Use our quick start to choose predefined worlds, or create your own, there are no limits. 

You decide what your character will say or do. The AI will provide responses from other characters or events around the world for you to choose from. You don't like the AI-generated text? Start a re-do or you can write a new response yourself. You are the protagonist and the director of the adventures. Each adventure is unique and unpredictable. 

ai dungeon review

So, in short, AI Dungeon is a collaborative story-telling game in which you and an AI chatbot create stories. But the bot has very little memory of what you have already done, or what your initial prompt was. The game is charming, frustrating at times, but most importantly, it's full of creativity and spirit.

What is the Aim of AI Dungeon?

Each game of AI Dungeon begins the same. The AI prompts you to choose a story genre and the role that you will play in it. The AI then takes control and sets the scene for your adventure. There is no stated goal or objective. It's up to you to continue responding to the generated text and co-authoring your journey.

AI Dungeon
AI Dungeon

Is AI Dungeon Multiplayer?

AI Dungeon has a multiplayer mode where different players have their own characters and can interact with the AI during the same game session. This allows you to play online on multiple devices or locally using the same device.

is ai dungeon worth playing

Is AI Dungeon Worth Playing?

AI Dungeon can be a fun and rewarding game. However, you won't always know what your reward will be… It will sometimes add to your story in a thoughtful and creative manner, while at other times it will decide that your character needs to be killed and make you a new person. This can be frustrating if you expect traditional gameplay, but AI Dungeon's crazy and ambitious ability to co-create stories is so fascinating that it doesn't matter if the story does not end up in the way I want. 

If you think you have the patience, AI Dungeon is worth a shot. But the Steam version is not significantly different than the free-to-play versions. You can check out the mobile or web version first and decide if you would like to invest your money in this never-ending world. 

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