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Adorable Witch 4: Lust Review

Adorable Witch 4: Lust Review

Adorable Witch 4: Lust is a highly addictive puzzle-solving game, we must warn you. The levels require players to manage the various mechanisms to allow the magic academy's witches and elves to obtain flowers in order to pass the trainee witch exam.

The objective of the game is to direct the pure water to the seeds. Players must destroy the slabs that are in the scene. This will ensure that the seeds germinate and that the witches receive the flowers from the seeds. There are also fights against evil spirits, so you are not just a garden fairy but a fierce one too. 

7Very Good
  • Nice animations
  • Well-made sound design
  • You can extend the content
  • Easy gameplay
  • Relaxing
  • Too short
  • Could have been a bit more witty and polished

Everything You Need to Know About Adorable Witch 4: Lust

Adorable Witch 4 :Lust
Adorable Witch 4 :Lust


The game can be finished in 20 minutes so if you want a cute and colorful escape from your 3D life, Adorable Witch 4: Lust can be a good option. The mechanics of the game are nearly the same as the previous titles, but you will need to think and experiment a lot more, which is a positive change.
But gameplay-wise, I can't really say if this game is even a puzzle-solving game. It doesn't even stimulate your brain to solve the puzzle. All you have to do is click a few times and you're done. The levels definitely could have been a little trickier. 

adorable witch 4 review

Adult Content DLC

The game’s CG advances as the character obtains more flowers. The optional download of adult content includes a selection of cute and animated 2D waifu scenes with dialogue. 

Sound and Graphics

The soundtrack is so soothing and relaxing, I found it to be more enjoyable than some of the scenes, to be honest. The graphics are as cute and satisfying as always. Character design is so well-made but they could have put a little more effort into making the levels look more polished as well. 

adorable witch 4 review

Is Adorable Witch 4: Lust worth playing?

You can complete the cute game in less than twenty minutes even if the skip button is not used. If you want quick gameplay with DLCs including H-scenes, Adorable Witch 4: Lust gives you the whole package. Price-wise, it is worth a shot as well. 

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